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Your pet deserves the best and Sleepypod aims to provide the most secure and comfortable products for pets at home and on the go. Every product from Sleepypod has been thoroughly tested and approved by Sleepypod’s own experts in the field: RawlRawl, Dee-Dee, Stevens and Oni.

“We hope you and your companions will enjoy living with Sleepypod as much as we do.”

“P.L.A.Y. stands for Pet Lifestyle and You and the whole idea was born out of necessity. It all started with an adorable, irresistible ball of fur. She was Momo the pug—our little bundle of joy. From the very first sniffs, snorts and licks on our faces, we knew life would never be the same again. We wanted only the very best for her—and giving her a great dog bed was an essential first step.

  1. All P.L.A.Y. dog bed collections include our in-house exclusively artist designed custom crafted designs that feature unique intricate and individually designed non-repeating patterns.

  2. High end upholstery grade fabrics and 100% natural hypo- allergenic high thread cotton covering constructed w/ hand sewed even basting stitching.

  3. We use the most stringent safety methods. Our manufacturing facility meets the most stringent USA infant and child product safety standards and we also apply them to our dog beds and accessories. FSC® & ICTI® Certified and Intertek® { Certified in California USA} non toxic and non flammable. Our company also makes several baby and young children’s toys and clothes for the Disney Company®

  4. We are truly a “Green Company” and practice and adhere to the most environmentally sustainable methods in every process regarding our sourcing, manufacturing and shipping methods.

  5. All beds are Form Fitted with an appropriate optimum amount of environmentally sustainable high loft density Planet Fill™ from 100% post-consumer recycled products {plastic water bottles} which gets converted to a lush, firm fill which also ergonomically support a dog’s body.

  6. Our beds and covers can also be washed and dried in washers and driers. Zippered coverings for super easy removal for washing.

  7. We also use recycled packaging materials that are Certified Safe by The Forest Stewardship Council™.”

What’s your pet dreaming about? On this bed, he’s bound to have visions of chasing wildlife on the Serengeti plain. The design may be wild, but it feels right at home in the most cultivated environments.



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